Zen Frogs LLC today is pleased to announce the release of MicroKart Evolved 1.0, a new captivating game for iPhone and iPod touch. This is an amazing follow up to the hit game Microkart which rose the charts in March of 2009. Microkart Evolved is the next generation in the racing genre. The game allows the players to experience life on the fast lane as they race down the pavement in the city going across bridges and tunnels.

The impressive 3D environment ads the perfect touch so game players can feel like they are really there racing the hummers. Real time physics allowing the hummers to jump and glide through the air is another amazing feature that contributes to the fun factor. Few games really capture the feel of being there and the excitement that live races bring to the audience.

The levels and scenery in this game are captivating. You really feel like you’re racing through the city streets. The app is free for the basic trial, but you can easily upgrade to allow you to race the full 14 courses. The game is a joy to play and makes racing fun again.


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