Electric Pocket Limited is pleased to announce the availability of BugMe! Lite, a free version of the popular note-taker and reminder application for iPhone users. For well over a decade, PDA and smartphone users have been using BugMe! to create notes and set reminder alarms to keep them on-task and on-time. BugMe! Lite offers all of the features of the full version, but is limited to three notes.

BugMe! Lite lets users jot quick notes and doodles – with their finger as the pen – just like a digital yellow sticky note. Notes can also be created using the iPhone’s keyboard. BugMe!’s notes can be organized for reference, or easily shared by email or Twitter.

A favorite feature with BugMe! users is the ability to quickly choose alarm times from a pick list of time intervals – for example 20 minutes or “top of the hour”. This makes the application very effective for informal, lightweight reminders, such as watching a TV show, returning a phone call, or plugging the parking meter.


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