Monkey Tennis is a gesture controlled Tennis game played entirely
using monkeys. Using swipes and flicks to run and play a variety of
shots, it’s the most fun, addictive and amusing tennis game available
for your iPhone.

Monkey Tennis is rendered in 3D, and uses an advanced 3D physics
engine, so it is also a very realistic tennis experience – despite the
fact that you might be playing against a Chimpanzee.

You can swerve the ball, play lobs, drop shots, volleys, accurately
aim your shots and vary power, all with simple swipe gestures.

All of this can be done on grass, clay and hard courts – which all
have their own attributes. There are also over 30 monkeys to play
with, each with their own skills levels, style of play.

How will you handle a Gibbon that plays from the baseline? What about
a serve and volleying Gorilla? Easy? Well wait until you meet an
Orangutan that serves like Andy Roddick.


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