MaxNick today is pleased to announce the introduction of iCurling 1.0.1, their new 1 or 2 player game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game comes in the wake of the excitement of the 2010 Winter Olympics, where the sport of curling generated world-wide enthusiasm. Similar to shuffleboard on ice, the game is played on flat ice curling sheet, roughly 15×150 feet. Players slide round stones of about 40 pounds towards bull’s eye targets at either end. Two teammates may use brooms to sweep the ice in front of the moving stone.

iCurling attempts to simulate Olympic Curling by incorporating many aspects of the actual sport. Fundamentally, curling is about force, mass, friction, momentum, rotation, and collision. The app exploits the sophisticated physics engine built into the iPhone OS to generate a convincing simulation of all these elements as they interact. In the terminology of curling the weight is the velocity of the stone; the turn is the rotation of the stone (which affects its trajectory); and the line is the direction of the throw or delivery. iCurling allows the player to continuously and independently control all three, permitting advanced tactics such as the guard, takeout and tap. In addition, the app allows the player to sweep the ice while their stone is moving, adjusting trajectory after the delivery.


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