I Wonder Phone today is pleased to announce the release of Voodo 2, a big new version of its simple yet powerful GTD/todo app for iPhone and iPod touch. It is celebrating the new Todo Magic with a 50%-off price in the App Store. Voodo perfectly combines a simple, clean user interface with a rich set of powerful features.

After trying existing GTD/todo apps, Ling Wang, an independent developer from China and the founder of I Wonder Phone, found those with wanted features are all too complex and they often Make Things Up more than really Get Things Done. So he decided to design a GTD app that is really simple and powerful at the same time. That’s how Voodo was born. He named it Voodo because he hopes it could help users Get Things Done like voodoo(magic).

Voodo 2 has an almost brand new design underlying to incorporate so many new features such as Non-intrusive Auto Sync, Task Search, Quick Add, Contacts Integration, Geo Locations, and Nearby Tasks. But it keeps the simple and intuitive user interface, so existing users will find it an old friend with new magic.


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