Publicist and Internet Marketing Specialist Scott Lorenz has compiled a list of 52 tips on how to promote an iPhone App – tips he garnered from his extensive experience as a public relations professional in promoting all types of products, inventions, books and services. Apple has almost 150,000 iPhone applications available for sale at its App Store and this number will grow exponentially with the growing popularity of the iPhone, iPod and the new iPad.

“The competition is fierce so in order to succeed you must aggressively promote your iPhone app if you want a fighting chance,” says Scott Lorenz President of Westwind Communications Public Relations firm.

What’s the best way to promote your app? “There is no “best” way,” says Lorenz. “You must employ multiple tactics to crack the success code. Simply relying on word of mouth is not enough. You need to get the attention of the news media. Just look how fast the TigerText app got traction after it was featured by CNN and Time Magazine. Shortly after those news organizations featured it other media outlets jumped on the bandwagon and promoted it as well. This has led to people talking about it at the water cooler, at Starbucks and everywhere else,” said Lorenz, “that’s the power of PR.”


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