Tuparev Technologies today is pleased to introduce Plants 1.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch. The Plants application consists of a photo reference guide to plants, and a plant maintenance scheduler. Using its simple, stylish interface, the user can easily provide all her plants at multiple locations with individualized care. Watering, re-potting and fertilizing are now done efficiently, correctly and on time.

The opening screen is a 3D bulletin board entitled “Tasks”. The “Tasks” screen displays icons for watering, re-potting and fertilizing. A number appears on each icon indicating the number of plants requiring that type of care each day. Selecting the appropriate icon brings up the corresponding schedule. Plants are listed by location, and each has its name, photo and date of next scheduled action.

Cards on the bottom of the board enable navigation to “My Plants” or “Green Spots”. Selecting “My Plants” brings up another bulletin board where plants from all locations are listed by name, by location, by action, or by the date of the next task. Selecting a plant opens the reference library where complete information is given regarding the plant’s maintenance requirements, species, etc.


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