Cleverlike Corporation, an emerging application inventor, has just released a web video showing iPhone users how to use the new StealthType SMS app to type text messages without looking at the phone or speaking to it. In the brief video, users will learn the premise behind the innovative StealthType technology and see it in action. iPhone owners can immediately purchase and download the application for use on their iPhones.

Since touchscreen devices are perfectly smooth, until StealthType it has been virtually impossible to use the iPhone’s input keyboard effectively without looking at the screen. StealthType eliminates the need to look at the screen while still offering the ability to type with 100% accuracy.

StealthType SMS is the first application to use StealthType technology. It was designed to minimize the amount of visual attention required to type a text message on the iPhone’s smooth touchscreen interface. A new app, StealthType Maps, is soon to be submitted to the app store and will offer business search, driving directions and traffic maps accessible without looking at the phone during the data entry.


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