Skydda Design today is delighted to introduce their affordable, premium-quality hardwood cases for the iPhone 3G and 3GS devices. The TradCase is available in Walnut, Cherry, and exotic Teak hardwoods, and the TradDuo is available in Maple/Walnut or Maple/Cherry.

Most people are disappointed with the iPhone cases available on today’s market, because none measure up to the beauty of the iPhone. Well, Skydda Design has changed all that by offering the TradCase and TradDuo at an affordable price. Each of these gorgeous cases is carved from a single block of premium-quality hardwood and hand-polished to a luxurious satin finish. Because natural hardwoods differ in appearance, each TradCase and TradDuo is unique in color-tone and grain, making your case truly one of a kind. Weighing less than half-an-ounce, the TradCase is lightweight and is precisely engineered to fit your iPhone like a glove, adding no perceptible weight or bulk.


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