rapidrabbit today is proud to announce version 2.2 of its iPhone app Spray Can. With over 1,000,000 downloads the Spray Can is the most successful graffiti app within the Apple AppStore. Version 2.2 adds more user-requested features like different backgrounds and new painting options.

Since it’s release in May 2009 the Spray Can has found loyal fans worldwide and is still downloaded frequently. What started as a pranking app using the accelerometer features of the iPhone is a full blown graffiti app now. Driven by the community more and more features have been added until it has become the most downloaded graffiti app in the AppStore, reaching the TOP 100 of free apps in many Countries.

The Spray Can has two main functions. It can be used as a pranking tool by shaking the device up and down and pressing the spray button. We received a lot of reports by our fans that they have used this feature with great success. The second function is painting graffitis and submitting them to facebook or twitter. Just by swiping down, the wall can be painted by the user. It’s a great way to send messages or create custom wallpapers.


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