Mobile market leader GP Imports today is proud to introduce App Genie Lite 1.1, their new suite of applications and utilities for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Designed specifically to take advantage of the iPhone’s unique capabilities and touch interface, App Genie Lite allows its users to unlock up to 3 applications from a selection of more than 30.

Featuring a comfortable and simple user interface, App Genie Lite is the culmination of the best Apps available on the App Store, placing emphasis on quality and usefulness to end users while minimizing data entry. The applications were engineered to have the most-sought-after features, including Barcode Scanner, Country Facts, Checklists, Talking Clock, Unit Converter, Currency Converter, GPS Locator, Sound Meter, Voice Compass, Battery Level, Metal Detector, Cam Tools, Voice Reader, Translator, Measuring Tools, Tip Calculator, Speedometer, Weather, Device Stats, Magnifier, and Amazing Facts – all integrated into one unified interface.


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