Izatt today is pleased to announce that MatchTunes, its 41st app for iPhone and iPod touch, is now 66% OFF for a limited time. New FREE updates will bring more levels and more fun! The iPad version will be crazy! A brand new concept in memory/matching games has come to the iPhone. Izatt has released MatchTunes for the iPhone and iPod touch. Everyone has a different iTunes library, so everyone plays a different game!

Choose 4 different ways to play. Match on:
* Music clip – same clip from the same song
* Song – different clips from the same song
* Album – clips from different songs on the same album
* Artist – clips from different songs by the same artist (maybe same album, maybe not!)

Score points for each match. Get bonus points for multiple matches in a row! For two matches in a row, get an extra match bonus; for three matches in a row, get a double-match bonus, and so forth. Finish the screen before the timer runs out and get the remaining time as bonus points.


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