CAZE today is pleased to announce JADE Polish Rainbow Swarovski case, a crystallized version of its JADE Polish See-Thru for iPhone 3G and 3GS. JADE Polish is a See-Thru iPhone case featuring an Anti-Interference translucent coating. The crystallized version of Jade Polish adds more than 50 Swarovski crystals of different colors at the bottom of the case to form a beautiful rainbow pattern

CAZE is creating new iPhone case styles by mixing colors and crystals. The JADE Polish See-Thru is characterized by Anti-Signal Interference feature and Shinny color effects. In this new version, CAZE adorned JADE Polish with high quality Swarovski Crystals to form a beautiful and charming rainbow pattern. The Free Swarovski Crystal Apple logo features more than 40 crystals and is visible from outside the case for a classy look. The crystallized version does not only add personal chic but also protect all corners of your iPhone, including the chrome edges. JADE Polish Rainbow See-Thru case combining with the Free Swarovski Apple logo will give extra sparkle and shining effects to your iPhone.

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