Humble Daisy today is pleased to announce the latest release of it’s popular mobile recording tool, SonicPics 1.2 and its free counterpart SonicPics Lite 1.2. SonicPics is a tool for creating and narrating custom photo slide shows on the iPhone or iPod touch. The update includes a new image picker that makes it even easier to add images from the iPhone’s photo library.

SonicPics makes it easy to use images from the iPhone’s photo library or built in camera to make custom slide shows and then record a voiceover narrating the images as you swipe through them. Once you are finished, you can create an enhanced m4v video with your images synchronized to your narration, complete with chapter markers. You can share your recording with your family and friends, or even the world.

“Actually, we had included this image picker in version 1.0, but Apple rejected it. It turns out it stretched the bounds of what they [Apple] had considered for image selection.” explained David Chmura, Humble Daisy’s CEO. “We worked with Apple to get them to explore allowing our image picker interface to be allowed. We are thrilled that Apple has accommodated our request!”

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