If you’ve ever wanted to make your own iPhone app for your website or blog, now you can do so pretty easily with AppMakr. All you need to get started is an RSS feed and some graphics for a splash page and an icon for your app.

AppMakr makes creating iPhone and iPod Touch (2nd Generation and up) apps easily. No Cocoa coding knowledge needed. No learning the iPhone SDK either, although getting a Apple Developers Account can help you test your app out before you submit it for publication.
All you need to do to create your app in AppMakr is to sign up for an account. Once you have an account, you simply fill out form that asks for your RSS feed(s). You can then upload customized images for your splash page and icon graphics.

Our friends at nemu*nemu took AppMakr for a spin and created their first iPhone app! You can read all about the processes, pros and cons in this blog post here.

Also, don’t miss the special deal to get $50 off your first app build when using AppMakr to create your iPhone application at the end of the blog!


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