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am what I listen to!
Meetmytunes turns your iPhone into the perfect social networking tool to meet people who listen to the same music as you do! Your profile is automatically created based on your playlists: it’s your MUSICAL MOOD which changes daily and evolves depending on the songs you listen to and the places you go.

A mobile, urban & fun social network
Go outside, start Meetmytunes and use the Augmented Reality feature! You can see the people closest to you who are listening to music and send them a message! Discover new artists and buy the songs users are listening to directly from the application.

Share your Real-Time Musical Journeys on Facebook and Twitter

Care to share a new song with your friends? Your holiday playlist ?
This is all possible with Meetmytunes! You can stay in touch with your community anytime, anywhere!

on Wednesday, September 22, 2010


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