I’ve never been a fan of reading books on any of Apple’s devices. I mean I’ve owned desktops, laptops, and now an iPhone and till this book, I’ve never had to read a book on how to operate Apple’s devices.

However, this book, “My New iPhone: 52 Projects for Every iPhone User” is unlike any other book that I’ve read and I think the format actually works for me.
My past experiences tell me that I learn best by doing and this book provides that in spades. The 500 pages guide readers through projects that are meaningful, fun and useful at the same time.
Not only does this book feature included applications but it also goes into some of the third party applications and that I found useful too….I really appreciated that this book was up to date (covering up to iPhone OS 3.0, if I’m not mistaken).

I really like the book and if I think if I could think of anything for the next revision, it would be to include a chapter or two about movie editing and using the compass feature.

I believe that this book is a deal for $29.95 especially since you’ve already took the plunge for what many would consider the best smartphone to date…Why not find out how better to utilize this wonderful tool. I’ve included a link to the table of contents and amazon’s listing ($10 off list price).

on Wednesday, September 29, 2010


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