ON – Universal Mobile Power Bank

iON Charger iON Charger - Back Package

We’ve all be told at “great things come in small packages”, but upon receiving this particular power bank from iON from FSP Direct, the package itself was the object of admiration!

iON Charger - FULL

Roughly the size of a 5 stacked credit cards, the iON charger has a tacky, soft-silicon type cover for easy grip. There is a single pin hole for the ipod or USB connector and a hidden USB charger cord imbedded in the body.
The cords are all flexible so your iPhone, iPod, PDA, or even perhaps your digital camera can be attached and laid on top of the device while it charges.
Additionally, the charger itself has a LED indicator that quickly and easily informs you of the remaining charge.

iON Charger - iPhone

The power bank comes with a small velveteen pouch with inner pockets to hold your adapters.
The timing couldn’t have been better for this product’s arrival. I was just getting ready to head out on a trip and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put this power bank to the test.

iOn Charger - iPod

After draining my ipod during the flight, I immediately charged it back at the hotel. Within a few hours, it was ready to go. Likewise, during a long 7-hour drive, we found our iPhones precariously close to dead and the charger came in handy to keep one phone alive to get us to our destination.
Small, discreet and unassuming, this credit card sized power bank will quickly and quietly power any 5V or less device. For $29.99 at the FSP Direct shop, this is a great deal for an easy-to-use, and easy-to-carry device!

on Thursday, September 30, 2010


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