When I was growing up, I played A LOT of video games. Needless to say, one of my favorite video games of all time, was a game called Rock ‘N’ Roll Racing by Blizzard, Horror Racing is just like Rock ‘N’ Roll racing.

In an nutshell, this is a top down racing game where you can blast your opponents with weapons that you find along the racetrack. I guess its sorta like Super Mario Kart, but from a top-down perspective. Can you tell that I really enjoyed this game, maybe I’m a little biased but I think that this game just nails the gameplay head-on.

You can create profiles to accommodate more than one player and each player can upgrade their cars depending on how much they win from the races they play. There is a great help option and the controls are marked clearly.

Now on to the gameplay: the car is controlled by a virtual steering wheel and there are various obstacles as well as weapons littered around the course for you to pick up as you and three other cars race around the track. Sometimes I found it a little frustrating to use the virtual steering wheel but after a while it became more intuitive…If I could suggest anything, I think that perhaps the developer could add in some options for other control schemes in the future but it’s not necessary…
At the time of this writing, the game is 20% off and is selling in the AppStore for $2.99. Have a look, it’ll be well worth your time.


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