App developer Kabuki Vision has solved the problem of shaky iPhone videos with the release of Smooth Movie 1.0 for the iPhone 3GS. Smooth Movie analyzes shaky videos and applies an image stabilization algorithm to the frames, resulting in a much smoother movie. After processing, the smoothed movie can be saved to the iPhone’s photo album for future viewing, emailing, or uploading.

Smooth Movie is the first and only video stabilization app available on the app store. “Traditionally, you would need to the power of a desktop computer to perform this kind of video smoothing”, says Adam Shaw, founder of Kabuki Vision. “Now with the speed and power of the iPhone 3GS, videos can be smoothed right on the device itself, which is much more convenient”.

The app features a streamlined interface which allows anyone to get started with smoothing their shaky videos right away. Additionally, Smooth Movie offers three levels of smoothing quality, so even the shakiest of videos can be processed. Example movies that have been processed with Smooth Movie can be viewed on the Kabuki Vision web site.


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