Your treasure hunting adventures have never been more fun, or more social now that you can not only pilfer your friend’s treasures, but brag about it on THEIR Facebook wall as well! Let everyone know that you stole that treasure and you’re proud of it!

Traveler’s Quest is a GPS Game which allows you to hunt for virtual treasures in the real world. The treasures you find belong to other players, but don’t worry, they’re after your treasures too! Bury treasures to earn some gold, but remember, the further you bury that treasure away from its origin, the more it’s worth, and the more gold you shall receive! Every buried treasure has a map which is sold in the local in game store.

The in game store not only sells maps, but treasures and upgrades as well! Upgrade your treasure detector to find those treasures that have been buried to the deepest depths, or upgrade your bury device to make those maps more expensive, and harder to dig up! This game is easy, yet addictive – just ask our fans on our Facebook Fan Page! Our fan page is a central hub of information, taunting and more!


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