Ever wanted to step into the DJ booth and get the party started right? Then “Bust a Move”, do the “Wild Thing” and pour the “Funky Cold Medina”, as Delicious Vinyl DJ puts you in control of the dance floor. Delicious Vinyl and Ten23 Software are proud to announce that Delicious Vinyl DJ, a new music rhythm game for the iPhone and iPod touch is now available for download exclusively on iTunes.

Delicious Vinyl DJ puts anyone with an iPhone or iPod touch inside the DJ booth and behind the decks cutting and scratching across the greatest golden era hip-hop tracks ever! Don’t just play along with the song, bust a move out of the living room and work that cut! Get the party started anywhere! Match multi-colored notes as they flow down the screen; trigger scratches on two turntables with a thumb twist or tap a button on the mixer in time with the music to score points. Just like a real DJ, increased accuracy determines how fresh and tight the mix will sound and gets you more points! Delicious Vinyl DJ delivers the party to wherever you are – no peripherals or add-ons necessary!


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