In October, Elgato’s original EyeTV for iPhone allowed streaming video over a 3G network connection via a backdoor, which broke the iPhone OS SDK rules and Apple quickly yanked EyeTV from the App Store. Another version of EyeTV removed the backdoor, and the world assumed that 3G network streaming in EyeTV was gone forever.

However, yesterday Elgato proved the assumption premature by releasing EyeTV 3.3 for Mac OS X and a new Elgato Web site.

To use the new video-streaming features of EyeTV, you must update the software to version 3.3. Mobile Safari on your iPhone handles the rest by launching this Web site: . Launching the Web site results in the execution of a new iPhone Web app called Live3G that lets you watch live television on an iPhone anywhere via a 3G connection.

via CNet


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