The vendor claims they’ll be able to ship the OEM part within 5-12 days, as well as that they have “final pictures” of the iPhone 4th-gen back cover that they’ll be adding to the site soon. As for the midboard itself, it’s said to be 113.5 x 57.3 mm which makes it slightly shorter and slightly narrower than the current iPhone 3GS.

Normally we’d be indecently sceptical about any leaked Apple parts – in fact we are now – but as Gizmodo points out, China Ontrade were spot on when it came to the iPhone 3G’s display assembly. They had access to that part a month ahead of Apple’s official launch; that raises the question of when this fourth-gen device might drop, considering a new iPhone handset isn’t expected on the market for another eight months. Keep a lookout for it maybe coming to the market a little sooner.


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