To promote RingtoneStudio for
iPhone, PocketMac will be giving away one factory-unlocked iPhone 3G
in a contest starting today. Second and third place winners will win
a $50 or $15 iTunes gift card, respectively. The contest ends
November 30, 2009 and is based around the software, PocketMac
RingtoneStudio for iPhone.

“We want to get people to try and then talk about our great
ringtone creation software, PocketMac RingtoneStudio for iPhone,”
said Tim Goggin, VP Of Sales & Marketing. “The more people help us
promote this software, the cooler the prizes get.”

Different levels of prizes will be available to contestants based
on how many copies of RingtoneStudio are sold before the end of
contest. In the beginning, three $15 iTunes gift card are available
to win. If sales of RingtoneStudio exceed 100 copies sold during the
contest period, two $50 iTunes gift card will able to win. If sales
of RingtoneStudio top 250 sales, one lucky winner will take away a
legally, factory-unlocked iPhone.

Goggin continued, “These iPhones are the rarest of rare. In most
countries, iPhones are only offered by one or two carriers. But in
some areas, Apple ships these phones to the consumer unlocked. That
is, they can be used with a SIM card from any carrier. This is one of
these phones.”

Legally-unlocked iPhones require no “jailbreaking”, the process
of modifying an iPhone to work with a different carrier. Instead,
these iPhones are programmed to accept any SIM card.

Also, they can be updated to the latest versions of the iPhone
operating system without the hassles involved in updating jailbroken

The software at the heart of the contest, RingtoneStudio for
iPhone, was designed to produce an unlimited quantity of ringtones -
avoiding Apple’s 99 cent-per-ringtone fee. It creates ringtones from
any unprotected music format or from a variety of QuickTime-friendly
video formats.

This contest runes through November 30, 2009. RingtoneStudio 2.0
for iPhone is available now for $19.95.

Users can enter the contest at

A YouTube video detailing the contest can be found at:

A YouTube video previewing RingtoneStudio can be found at:

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More information about both products can be found at:


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