At the time of this review, Defender Chronicles is on sale in the iTunes AppStore for $3.99; that’s a 20% discount from the normal price.

Defender Chronicles is, in it’s most basic gameplay design a tower defense game…However, where it differentiates itself is in the fact that it allows you to upgrade your hero character and give him/her more armor/weapons/abilities.
If you’ve been watching the AppStore, you’ll notice that Defender Chronicles has been amongst the top games and with good reason…the graphics are top notch and the gameplay is easy to pick up and put down in a pinch.

Other features include an epic storyline with over 20 different types of units, abilities and upgradability. There are 5 difficulty levels and 5 modes and Chillingo’s even included the ability to email your friends for a challenge.

The latest release, includes tons of features, some of which are:
  • OpenFeint integration
  • New map – Helegom
  • New enemies and new bosses
  • Option for Vibration & HQ Graphics
  • and many more…
So, instead of writing more about what the game is like, I’d like to show you my vid review…it exemplifies the gameplay of this amazing app…for $3.99 in the AppStore, you can’t go wrong.


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