Gamevil is quickly becoming one of MY favorite game publishers. I feel they are off to a great start with their porting of RPGs to the iPhone…originally, they arrived on the scene with Zenonia, the awesome RPG i reviewed here. But, this review isn’t about Zenonia, but rather an action/adventure RPG called Hybrid: Eternal Whisper . I think that for the most part, Hybrid can be classified as an sort of a side scroller with RPG elements (weapon/armor/skill upgradeability.)

If i’m not mistaken Hybrid: Eternal Whisper was created the ground up for the iphone OS and it’s amazing multi-touch capabilities. Not only do you slash at enemies using special button combinations, you can also “draw” spells on the screen to activate powers such as fire, wind and gravity to name a few.

Another fun aspect of this game is that you can “link” both physical and magical attacks for an insane amount of damage….Then at the end of the stage, you will get a letter ranking a la “Devil May Cry.” Most of the times, I’d get a B or C, but I’ve earned an A in one level…this alone may keep the game fresh for some perfectionist gamers.

Other than that, I really enjoyed the excellent graphics and the wonderful soundtrack…While I was doing this review, I heard that more RPGs are coming our way in the future…I have to say Gamevil is the company to watch..I’d even liken it to the SQUARE/ENIX for the iPhone platform, these guys are THAT good…
Anyway, have a look at my two part vid review, I’m very proud of it..Enjoy and when you’ve had enough, buy it now in the AppStore, it’s only $5.99.


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