For some time now, I’ve been looking for an app to be written that was similar to the BlackBerry messenger but for the iPhone. In fact, it was one of my project ideas when I was starting to learn Objective-C. In any case, Whatsapp has provided iPhone users with an app that provides just that; a direct messaging network that is exclusive to iPhone users.

Whatsapp makes use of the iPhone’s built in Addressbook as a cross-reference to see if any of your contacts are using whatsapp. If they are, the people are instantly added to your whatsapp contact list. There is an upside and downside to this as 1) you need to know your contact’s phone number BUT the feature comes in VERY handy because there is almost ZERO configuration when it comes to finding your friends.

In my vid review, I mentioned that whatsapp messenger is going to be integrated into this app…shortly after I published the review, the developer contacted me and told me that although this feature is coming in the future, it may be arriving in the form of a separate application.

Another thing that the developer mentioned was that intention of the application was to duplicate the SMS functionality without incurring costly charges. I’m happy to say that if that was their goal, then they have achieved that goal and more. Not only can you direct push a message to another iPhone user, you can also update your status in your address book and on Facebook…this is a very interesting and amazing capability for anyone that is socially connected.
Anyway, without further delay, here’s my vid review, Enjoy and if you like it have a look in the AppStore, at $1.99 it’s a deal


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