ON – Universal Mobile Power Bank

iON Charger iON Charger - Back Package

We’ve all be told at “great things come in small packages”, but upon receiving this particular power bank from iON from FSP Direct, the package itself was the object of admiration!

iON Charger - FULL

Roughly the size of a 5 stacked credit cards, the iON charger has a tacky, soft-silicon type cover for easy grip. There is a single pin hole for the ipod or USB connector and a hidden USB charger cord imbedded in the body.
The cords are all flexible so your iPhone, iPod, PDA, or even perhaps your digital camera can be attached and laid on top of the device while it charges.
Additionally, the charger itself has a LED indicator that quickly and easily informs you of the remaining charge.

iON Charger - iPhone

The power bank comes with a small velveteen pouch with inner pockets to hold your adapters.
The timing couldn’t have been better for this product’s arrival. I was just getting ready to head out on a trip and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put this power bank to the test.

iOn Charger - iPod

After draining my ipod during the flight, I immediately charged it back at the hotel. Within a few hours, it was ready to go. Likewise, during a long 7-hour drive, we found our iPhones precariously close to dead and the charger came in handy to keep one phone alive to get us to our destination.
Small, discreet and unassuming, this credit card sized power bank will quickly and quietly power any 5V or less device. For $29.99 at the FSP Direct shop, this is a great deal for an easy-to-use, and easy-to-carry device!

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I’ve never been a fan of reading books on any of Apple’s devices. I mean I’ve owned desktops, laptops, and now an iPhone and till this book, I’ve never had to read a book on how to operate Apple’s devices.

However, this book, “My New iPhone: 52 Projects for Every iPhone User” is unlike any other book that I’ve read and I think the format actually works for me.
My past experiences tell me that I learn best by doing and this book provides that in spades. The 500 pages guide readers through projects that are meaningful, fun and useful at the same time.
Not only does this book feature included applications but it also goes into some of the third party applications and that I found useful too….I really appreciated that this book was up to date (covering up to iPhone OS 3.0, if I’m not mistaken).

I really like the book and if I think if I could think of anything for the next revision, it would be to include a chapter or two about movie editing and using the compass feature.

I believe that this book is a deal for $29.95 especially since you’ve already took the plunge for what many would consider the best smartphone to date…Why not find out how better to utilize this wonderful tool. I’ve included a link to the table of contents and amazon’s listing ($10 off list price).

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To celebrate Christmas, Chillingo has some great games for sale and they include:

  • Touch KO ($.99)
  • Defender Chronicles ($.99)
  • Jules Verne’s Secrets of the Mysterious Island ($.99)
  • Julse Verne’s Return to Mysterious Island ($.99)
  • Cash Cow ($.99)
  • iDracula ($.99)
  • Toki Tori ($.99)
I have also posted video reviews at http://www.youtube.com/user/typezero3.

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Are you tired of carriers (well, AT&T) charging you some insane monthly fee to get an unlimited amount of text messages? Well, Pinger’s TextFree Unlimited application might just be your answer.
TextFree is able to use a phone number or email address to get messages to and from iPhone to iPod Touch. Not only that, all the replies are free.
The developer says that TextFree is:
  • The fastest and most reliable texting application
  • Is able to notify you of texts even when you’re NOT in the app
  • Able to assign a different tone to each friend
  • Able to customize look and feel of chats/conversations
  • Horizontal keyboards
  • Emoticon support
  • Supports many U.S. carriers
Anyway, this is pretty much a straightforward app. Take a look at it in my vid review.

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After almost 2 years of speculation, Apple Inc released their first product in a new category called the iPad.

With so much hype and anticipation, it was almost impossible for Steve Jobs and company to fulfill everyones expectation of what this device could/should be. It wasn’t very long before comparisons to other products began and folks started pointing out what they saw as shortcomings of the device. Voices from all over the interwebs quickly made comparisons to netbooks and others began calling it a “Bigger iPod Touch”.

First of all, for full disclosure purposes, I am an Apple follower. My primary job (employment) is taking care of over 100 Apple Macintosh computers and servers at a private school. I also own shares of Apple Inc. stock. That said, I have not yet tried the iPad, nor have seen it other than the pictures and videos that are scattered across the net.

“You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.” – Steve Jobs

It’s not about what’s missing.

The internet is abuzz with everything that is missing from the iPad. It doesn’t have a camera. It’s to heavy. It doesn’t have HDMI. It doesn’t do multitasking, and so on. If we take a look back at 2007, the same thing happened with the iPhone.

The internet declared that features missing from the iPhone would lead to it’s doom. The iPhone circa 2007 had no 3G, no MMS, no copy/paste, no apps. Many predicted it would fail or that announced that they wouldn’t buy one because of these shortcomings. We all know how that turned out, right? The biggest thing to remember here is that in 2007, right after the announcement, NO ONE had even held one in their hands or tried one out. The demo units were all behind a glass. There were no sample units for anyone to touch.

Today we know that the iPhone was a huge success… a 40 million sold and growing kinda success. Yeah.

iPad like the iPod?


I think what some folks are feeling with the iPad is liken to my first notion of the iPod back in 2001. When Steve Jobs walked out on stage and introduced the iPod, I thought it was the stupidest thing for Apple to do. I really thought that Apple was losing it. “Why in the world did they bring out an mp3 player? And why is it so expensive?!” were my words before even trying it out. It was only after I reluctantly tried an iPod out in the Apple Store did I understand how cool it really was. The feel of it in my hands and the way it operated were just amazing. It was simple and elegant and I just had to have it. I bought it on the spot… and eventually so did millions of other people.

Update: Read forum reactions to Apple’s 2001 Announcement of the iPod and see if there are any similarities to today.

If you read the blogs of anyone that actually had hands on with the iPad yesterday, you know how each had their own opinions of the device before the hands on. It’s what they said or wrote after the hands on that really caught my attention. Almost all of them said it’s something you have to touch and experience to really understand. They also mentioned how fast it was!

I believe that this is one of those devices you’ll just have to try for yourself in order to understand what it means to you. Not reading about it. Not imagining what it’s like. Not watching videos of it, but actually using it with your own hands. It’s not about what features are missing. The things we feel are missing today, will be here before we know it. Then folks will move on to the next thing and this will happen all over again. No one is ever satisfied with tech, right?

What folks are missing

I think there are two things that most folks missed about Apple’s iPad announcement.

Thumbnail image for apple-a4-processor.jpg

The first is that they are using their very own processor, the Apple A4. Why is this important? Apple now controls all the ingredients to their pie. They no longer have to rely on anyone else’s off the shelf microprocessor that might have specs that are “close” to what they are looking to use it for. Instead, they built a custom made one just for the iPad. By fabricating a chip set of their own, they can now control the speed, the battery life and just about any of the intricacies that might have been limiting using an off the shelf processor from Intel or anyone else. Apple’s R&D will pay off because I do not think there is any other mobile device maker that actually controls all of the pieces of what they make the way Apple does. From industrial design, to the OS, then the battery and now the processor. Apple controls it all to bring an elegant user experience.

I can only imagine that Apple will be fabricating their own chip set for the next iPhone and iPod Touch. The Apple A4 was a huge step forward and probably one of the most important announcements that was overlooked yesterday.

Second is the iPad OS. Sure it might look just like what you’re used to in an iPhone but it goes even deeper now. Whether you know it or not, the iPad is preparing you for the future of computing. The iPhone and iPad do something that I didn’t even notice at first. It obscures the entire file system from you. The user experience is so well thought out that you don’t even bother to worry about where your files are stored, unlike in a regular computer. We spend less time worrying about files and more time using the device.

Thumbnail image for ipad-ed02.jpg

Thinking about this made me realize that the iPad is exactly what a lot of people want. A computer that does the things easily and elegantly; without fear or worry that you’ll mess something up. The iPad OS is so nice, I think even my grandparents could use it without much trouble. There are no discs to install, no virus to be afraid of, no files to accidentally misplace. It just does what it’s meant to do. This to me, is the future of computing… where the abstraction of the underlying “computer” is removed from the user experience. Perhaps one day, computers as we know them today will be only for professionals who need file level access to do their jobs.

Lastly, yes, I am getting one. I don’t have to touch it to know that this is the next step in mobile computing. I am not entirely sure where the iPad will take me, but I’m going to find out.

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know what the iPad is. Even more surprising, is that it’s only been five days since Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad and already in that short span of time, there has been a lot of product analysis made by so-called industry pundits. At first glance, the iPad has been overlooked by casual observers as an oversized iPod Touch. By the same token, there are others that feel that the iPad represents Apple’s vision of the future of computing.

As for me, I find myself gravitating towards the second group. When I hear the griping and groaning for all the the iPad is not, I think that the detractors should just step back and see what the iPad for what it is. In an nutshell, for me, the answer is simple:
  • It is an actual shipping product, not some proof of concept/prototype
  • It’s operating system is ready for mass consumption, not half-baked
  • At it’s heart lies an Apple-designed CPU, called the A4 which will most likely drive all of Apple’s future mobile devices.
  • It’s .5″ thin and 9.7″ diagonally across (enough said)
  • The UI (user interface is not just a scaled down version of an existing OS, but rather one that has been custom-tailored to a specific form factor – ie. Windows OS based tablets)
  • Users will be able to organize, buy and search almost all forms of media: music, videos, games and now books
  • Access to a HUGE library of software already 140K strong
  • An interactive eBook reader
  • The capacity to run a version of iWork specifically re-designed for the touch form factor (I think that this is Apple’s litmus test: to see if people can be productive with a product designed from the ground-up to be optimized for a touch interface)
  • Starts at $500
I know there’s more but that’s what I could think up off the bat. I think the industry was expecting wonders for that price point. They wanted Apple to bring features such as video conferencing, a futuristic 3D interface and much, much more I can’t even fathom. There was no way Apple could satisfy industry pundits. If they had included all the features that were rumored, I feel that the iPad’s placement as a third product line might be confused with laptop replacements. Whether or not Apple wants to do this in the future is beyond me, however, Apple will not make the transition overnight…more than likely is the fact that the iPad will probably prove to be the pivotal point in which Apple begins to transform it’s business.
Either way, I think that for the price, the iPad brings quite a lot to the table. I will be one of the first in line to pick one up, because succeed or fail, I appreciate what it represents…a fundamental shift in consumer computing. And remember for all the whining, Apple is the ONLY company doing something about the future of personal computing.
Keep watching this site as more details on the iPad are unveiled…I’m sure I’ll be able to provide more insight as well.

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If you’ve ever wanted to make your own iPhone app for your website or blog, now you can do so pretty easily with AppMakr. All you need to get started is an RSS feed and some graphics for a splash page and an icon for your app.

AppMakr makes creating iPhone and iPod Touch (2nd Generation and up) apps easily. No Cocoa coding knowledge needed. No learning the iPhone SDK either, although getting a Apple Developers Account can help you test your app out before you submit it for publication.
All you need to do to create your app in AppMakr is to sign up for an account. Once you have an account, you simply fill out form that asks for your RSS feed(s). You can then upload customized images for your splash page and icon graphics.

Our friends at nemu*nemu took AppMakr for a spin and created their first iPhone app! You can read all about the processes, pros and cons in this blog post here.

Also, don’t miss the special deal to get $50 off your first app build when using AppMakr to create your iPhone application at the end of the blog!

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Cogs is a 3D rendition of the classic tile slider puzzle game. Remember those puzzles where you slide the pieces around to compose the picture? Well, Cogs is very reminiscent of that, in fact, I remember when the Mac OS (prior to OS X) used to include a game just like that. Anyway, if you watch my video review, you’ll understand how this game is played. It is very challenging but yet keeps you coming back for more.

The game itself is very reasonably priced…you can buy the game at $.99 with the option to buy more puzzle using the in-game purchasing feature. Cogs itself is pretty self-explanatory, watch my video to see it in action:

I hope you enjoyed my review, if you’re interested in Cogs, check it out in the Apple iTunes AppStore: Cogs Thanks for watching.

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Meetmytunes : Augment your reality ! from Meetmytunes – My social music pl on Vimeo.

am what I listen to!
Meetmytunes turns your iPhone into the perfect social networking tool to meet people who listen to the same music as you do! Your profile is automatically created based on your playlists: it’s your MUSICAL MOOD which changes daily and evolves depending on the songs you listen to and the places you go.

A mobile, urban & fun social network
Go outside, start Meetmytunes and use the Augmented Reality feature! You can see the people closest to you who are listening to music and send them a message! Discover new artists and buy the songs users are listening to directly from the application.

Share your Real-Time Musical Journeys on Facebook and Twitter

Care to share a new song with your friends? Your holiday playlist ?
This is all possible with Meetmytunes! You can stay in touch with your community anytime, anywhere!

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Apple has filed a patent infringement suit against HTC alleging that HTC has infringed on 20 Apple patents all related to the iPhone. Presumably, the patents are the ones Apple has already fought Palm over for multi touch capability.

Pioneer has unveiled a VSX-820-K AV receiver that is Works with iPhone certified. The receiver also supports Bluetooth and surround sound for $299.

Netflix is popping up with streaming service on gobs of platforms and many have wanted access on the iPhone. Reports are now coming in that Netflix is surveying iPhone users for interest in an app for the iPhone.

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The headphones are in-ear style and is a newly redesigned version of the firms original in-ear headphones designed specifically for the iPhone, iPod, and Mac notebooks. The drivers used inside the headphones are optimized for bass and clarity.

The remote control for track and volume is located on the cable and features a built-in mic to let iPhone 3GS users make and receive calls hands free. The remote has three buttons and the drivers are 9mm V-MASQUE neodymium units. The headphones have a BEAT-PORT airflow system to improve the soundstage. The Remix Remote headphones are available at the Apple retail stores now for $99.99 and will be offered online starting in March.

via SlashGear

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A patent expert is warning that if Apple wins its patent suit against HTC, HTC could be forced to remotely cripple some of its smartphones. The expert is Jonathan Zittrain, a Harvard Law School professor.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson has said that he expects the iPhone to be an important part of the wireless company’s line for “quite some time.” He also says that call quality will be considerably better for iPhone users by mid-2010.

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Both Pioneer models feature optional Bluetooth to allow wireless transfer of audio from smartphones and other devices with a $99 Bluetooth device. Both of the devices are also 3D ready with support for HDMI 1.4. The 820-K receiver is works with iPhone Certified as well.

Both of the devices support 5.1 surround sound, Dolby ProLogic IIz decoding, and have automatic room calibration. The 520-K will sell for $229 and has three HDMI 1.4 inputs and more. The 820-K will sell for $299, has four HDMI 1.4 inputs, and has an onscreen display. Both units have 110W of power on five channels and will ship this month.

via SlashGear

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Mindwarm Incorporated today released SwipSwap 3.0, a Free application for iPhone and iPod touch users looking for a faster, easier way to share contact information. The app is the first of its kind, offering in-person, group contact exchange using WiFi and Bluetooth peer-to-peer technology. SwipSwap is more than Bump without the shake. The app is perfect for those wishing to swap or share information, break down contact details or export them to other programs.

Beaverton, OR – Announcing that Mindwarm Incorporated, the developers of SwipSwap, has launched the first FREE peer-to-peer contact sharing app with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface. SwipSwap lets users instantly share contact information in-person in a very simple and efficient method that requires no interruption of schedules to perform.

The app is perfect for those wishing to swap or share information, break down contact details or export them to other programs. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and increased speed of the application, it can take mere seconds to use, meaning a busy person’s efficiency is not hampered in any way. In fact, SwipSwap adds organization to anyone’s schedule.

SwipSwap can easily let an entire group of people share contact information using its unique meeting feature, which only requires a few screen touches no matter how many people are in the group. SwipSwap meetings can be optionally PIN-protected with a four digit number to preserve privacy in public places

Once a user has selected the information to send, there is a chance to preview and edit before pressing the ’send’ button. This can help with double checking of details and address.

Check it out on iTunes

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PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, today is pleased to announce the immediate availability of WritePad 3.1, the unique software that allows users to enter text, utilizing advanced handwriting recognition software for cursive, print, or mixed handwriting styles on iPhone and iPod touch devices.

5 top new features in WritePad 3.1
* New option to hide toolbar in landscape screen orientation
* New option to display scroll buttons in handwriting mode, which can be used instead of scroll gestures
* Improved recognition of some special characters in international mode
* New spell checker options: ignore words containing numbers and ignore words in uppercase.
* New application icon

WritePad is a text editor that incorporates advanced handwriting recognition software for text entry. WritePad recognizes cursive, print, and mixed handwriting styles. To enter the text you can simply write with your finger on the iPhone screen in either landscape or portrait mode employing your own handwriting style. The built-in HTTP server allows users to exchange WritePad text documents between two or more iPhone devices and to download files onto the desktop PC using the Internet browser. Interface to the Bing Translator, lets users translate WritePad documents to 13 supported languages.

Check it out on iTunes

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Humble Daisy today is pleased to announce the latest release of it’s popular mobile recording tool, SonicPics 1.2 and its free counterpart SonicPics Lite 1.2. SonicPics is a tool for creating and narrating custom photo slide shows on the iPhone or iPod touch. The update includes a new image picker that makes it even easier to add images from the iPhone’s photo library.

SonicPics makes it easy to use images from the iPhone’s photo library or built in camera to make custom slide shows and then record a voiceover narrating the images as you swipe through them. Once you are finished, you can create an enhanced m4v video with your images synchronized to your narration, complete with chapter markers. You can share your recording with your family and friends, or even the world.

“Actually, we had included this image picker in version 1.0, but Apple rejected it. It turns out it stretched the bounds of what they [Apple] had considered for image selection.” explained David Chmura, Humble Daisy’s CEO. “We worked with Apple to get them to explore allowing our image picker interface to be allowed. We are thrilled that Apple has accommodated our request!”

Check it out on iTunes

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CAZE today is pleased to announce JADE Polish Rainbow Swarovski case, a crystallized version of its JADE Polish See-Thru for iPhone 3G and 3GS. JADE Polish is a See-Thru iPhone case featuring an Anti-Interference translucent coating. The crystallized version of Jade Polish adds more than 50 Swarovski crystals of different colors at the bottom of the case to form a beautiful rainbow pattern

CAZE is creating new iPhone case styles by mixing colors and crystals. The JADE Polish See-Thru is characterized by Anti-Signal Interference feature and Shinny color effects. In this new version, CAZE adorned JADE Polish with high quality Swarovski Crystals to form a beautiful and charming rainbow pattern. The Free Swarovski Crystal Apple logo features more than 40 crystals and is visible from outside the case for a classy look. The crystallized version does not only add personal chic but also protect all corners of your iPhone, including the chrome edges. JADE Polish Rainbow See-Thru case combining with the Free Swarovski Apple logo will give extra sparkle and shining effects to your iPhone.

Check it out Here

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Apple specifically referred to a number of Android-based devices in their lawsuit – while several Windows Mobile handsets were also mentioned, they are only ever referred to obliquely as “DSP Devices” – but fell short of naming Google. The crux of Apple’s argument is that HTC have overstepped the mark on 20 iPhone-related patents; however, the patents themselves generally cover OS-level functionality, something more within Google’s realm than HTC’s.

Google haven’t detailed exactly what their pledge to “stand behind” both Android and HTC might entail in the long run, but if – as widely speculated – Apple hoped to drag them into a legal fight then it looks as though they’ve succeeded. We’re hoping to hear more from HTC soon; yesterday’s statement was a basic acknowledgement of the lawsuit, since the company only heard about it through media reports.

via SlashGear

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Eurocenter today announced Cocoto Magic Circus 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch. Handheld Version Of Cute, Cartoonish, And Atmospheric Nintendo Wii(TM) Shooter! With an already successful launch on market leading game console, Cocoto and his friends are ready to wreck mayhem and havoc on the Apple iPhone(TM) and Apple iPod touch(R). The games predecessor, Cocoto Kart Online, has already achieved the impressive milestone of having reached more than 1 million players!

The story goes: A mysterious and evil clown has kidnapped Pixie, the pretty fairy. It is your mission to aid Cocoto and his friends in a pursuit to save Pixie, but the rescue team has found itself trapped inside an evil circus! Shock and horror! To be successful in your quest you will have to overcome many obstacles and prove yourself to be a true sharp shooter. Using your trusty dart gun you must take on the role of Cototo, Shiny, Neuro or Baggy, travelling across 5 hilarious and challenging theme rides including Abyss, Volcano, Atlantis, Jungle and Heaven.

Check it out on iTunes

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24×7digital today is pleased to announce the release of Aw Craps! 1.7, an update to their popular casino game for iPhone and iPod touch. With its realistic table layout, game play, stick calls and dice rolling, Aw Craps! takes you onto the casino floor and into the action, allowing seasoned shooters to hone their skills, as well as allowing beginners to learn enough to hit the casino tables.

Realistic Casino Craps:
* The table layout is designed to simulate a real casino craps table
* Hear actual “Stick Calls” after each roll
* Realistic 3D animated full table dice rolling where you control the strength and direction of the dice rolls, including ’short rolls’, off the table rolls, and dealer warnings to hit the back wall
* Bets are made just like in the casino: place your chips on the table, and the Aw Craps! dealer will place your chips in the correct position on the table
* Collect your winning bets just like in the casino. The dealer will place your winnings on the table and it is up to you to pick them up
* Make common multiple-bets (inside, outside, across, c&e, 3-way craps, horn bet, hi-lo and whirl)
* Quickly re-bet your winnings (press, parlay, down with odds, off and on, take it down, and same bet)
* Choose from five different dice to simulate shooters that are hot, warm, standard, cool or cold

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Independent software developer Martin Knotek today is pleased to announce the release of Asteroid shooter 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Asteroid shooter is classic arcade game, with cool space design, where the goal is to shoot all asteroids in the playfield.

The game is simple with focus just on the gaming experience and the player is not bothered with any quests and complicated user interface. Each level is uniquely designed with excellent space backgrounds. The game is fast with immediate changes between the levels. The difficulty is increased when advancing to a new level. With each level the speed of asteroids or the number of asteroids increases.

The game features an intuitive move control. Missiles are created after each touch on screen. Also multi touches are enabled. The control is realized using the “ship button” and moving your finger across the touch screen. The ship shoots unlimited in the direction of pressing position.

Check it out on iTunes

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Pawn Software today is pleased to announce the release of Elemental Dusk 1.2.2, a strategy card game for iPhone inpired by Triple Triad, a minigame of Final Fantasy VIII. Triple Triad is a famous game that gathered a lot of followers and spawned differend communities on the web. Elemental Dusk is a game based on its simple rules with beautiful custom graphics, yet it can be very strategic and addictive in nature, making it suitable for a short play on the go as well as for longer game sessions.

The game takes place on a 3×3 board on which players place cards, trying to conquer the opponent’s ones. Combos are also possible and can turn the odds of a game. When the player wins can collect one of the conquered cards of the opponent. The game features 40 opponents with a calibrated AI and increasing strength, that makes the game always challenging. It features 56 collectable cards with beautiful custom art and a pleasing medieval music. It already got covered by some online iPhone dedicated sites and received good reviews on the App Store.

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Mobile market leader GP Imports today is proud to introduce App Genie Lite 1.1, their new suite of applications and utilities for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Designed specifically to take advantage of the iPhone’s unique capabilities and touch interface, App Genie Lite allows its users to unlock up to 3 applications from a selection of more than 30.

Featuring a comfortable and simple user interface, App Genie Lite is the culmination of the best Apps available on the App Store, placing emphasis on quality and usefulness to end users while minimizing data entry. The applications were engineered to have the most-sought-after features, including Barcode Scanner, Country Facts, Checklists, Talking Clock, Unit Converter, Currency Converter, GPS Locator, Sound Meter, Voice Compass, Battery Level, Metal Detector, Cam Tools, Voice Reader, Translator, Measuring Tools, Tip Calculator, Speedometer, Weather, Device Stats, Magnifier, and Amazing Facts – all integrated into one unified interface.

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Izatt today is pleased to announce that MatchTunes, its 41st app for iPhone and iPod touch, is now 66% OFF for a limited time. New FREE updates will bring more levels and more fun! The iPad version will be crazy! A brand new concept in memory/matching games has come to the iPhone. Izatt has released MatchTunes for the iPhone and iPod touch. Everyone has a different iTunes library, so everyone plays a different game!

Choose 4 different ways to play. Match on:
* Music clip – same clip from the same song
* Song – different clips from the same song
* Album – clips from different songs on the same album
* Artist – clips from different songs by the same artist (maybe same album, maybe not!)

Score points for each match. Get bonus points for multiple matches in a row! For two matches in a row, get an extra match bonus; for three matches in a row, get a double-match bonus, and so forth. Finish the screen before the timer runs out and get the remaining time as bonus points.

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The Hug uses a full enclosure case that is made from injection-molded materials rather than the soft silicone WildCharge uses. Case-mate also ships the Hug with a screen protector to provide coverage from all sides.

The Hug charge base is raised and uses smart technology to sense when the iPhone battery is full and stop charging to save power. Case-Mate is shipping the Hug right now for $99.99 and says that cases for Blackberry devices will be coming soon.

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SMEStorage today is pleased to announce that its iSMEStorage iPhone application is live in the Apple App store. The application is the first iPhone application to let users access and manage over 10 storage clouds from their iPhone in one Cloud file view. Clouds from which files can be viewed and managed include Amazon S3, RackSpace CloudFiles, Box, Apple Mobile Me, Microsoft SkyDrive, Microsoft Live Mesh, Gmail-as-a-cloud, Email-as-a-Cloud, FTP-as-a-Cloud, Google Docs, and WebDav enabled clouds.

CEO Ian Osborne states, “We are very happy to add the iPhone to the list of clients that users can use to get access to their files from our platform. This application provides access to an amazing array of storage clouds right from the palm of your hand, and provides sophisticated file sharing, file security, viewing and sync-to-device features.”

“There are number of firsts for this application. It is the first to virtualize storage clouds and make them available from one Cloud File System, and it is the first App of any kind in the App Store that enables access to Microsoft SkyDrive files.”

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App developer Kabuki Vision has solved the problem of shaky iPhone videos with the release of Smooth Movie 1.0 for the iPhone 3GS. Smooth Movie analyzes shaky videos and applies an image stabilization algorithm to the frames, resulting in a much smoother movie. After processing, the smoothed movie can be saved to the iPhone’s photo album for future viewing, emailing, or uploading.

Smooth Movie is the first and only video stabilization app available on the app store. “Traditionally, you would need to the power of a desktop computer to perform this kind of video smoothing”, says Adam Shaw, founder of Kabuki Vision. “Now with the speed and power of the iPhone 3GS, videos can be smoothed right on the device itself, which is much more convenient”.

The app features a streamlined interface which allows anyone to get started with smoothing their shaky videos right away. Additionally, Smooth Movie offers three levels of smoothing quality, so even the shakiest of videos can be processed. Example movies that have been processed with Smooth Movie can be viewed on the Kabuki Vision web site.

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Your treasure hunting adventures have never been more fun, or more social now that you can not only pilfer your friend’s treasures, but brag about it on THEIR Facebook wall as well! Let everyone know that you stole that treasure and you’re proud of it!

Traveler’s Quest is a GPS Game which allows you to hunt for virtual treasures in the real world. The treasures you find belong to other players, but don’t worry, they’re after your treasures too! Bury treasures to earn some gold, but remember, the further you bury that treasure away from its origin, the more it’s worth, and the more gold you shall receive! Every buried treasure has a map which is sold in the local in game store.

The in game store not only sells maps, but treasures and upgrades as well! Upgrade your treasure detector to find those treasures that have been buried to the deepest depths, or upgrade your bury device to make those maps more expensive, and harder to dig up! This game is easy, yet addictive – just ask our fans on our Facebook Fan Page! Our fan page is a central hub of information, taunting and more!

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Building on the success of the critical hit puzzle game, Chromixa, for iPhone and iPod touch, Pure Square Go is delighted to announce that update 1.1 is now available. The full list of upgrades are; 22 new puzzles (70 total), new “Time Challenge” mini game (4 total), OpenFeint integration for online leaderboards & achievements, compete for the fastest level completion time and shake to reset. But that’s not all. A Lite version has also been released.

Beginning life as a digital art project, Chromixa 1.1.1 is the enchanting result of designer Simon Watson’s fascination with light. Inspired by noted artists such as James Clar and James Turrell, Chromixa’s first incarnation was a real life installation built from 100s of red, green and blue LEDs, a micro-controller, plexiglass, and one very creative brain.

With the concept of physically interactive light mixing at its core, Chromixa has gone through many evolutions, reaching its zenith as an exciting new puzzle genre on the App Store. The simplicity of blending primary colours and fitting tangram-style geometric shapes together offers a uniquely stimulating and addictive interactive experience.

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